Sunday, February 21, 2010

One more time...

It seems like things get so busy and it gets very easy to neglect writing my thoughts. I appreciate the comments and well wishes I get many times when I write here on my blog, but mostly it is a place of release and I enjoy it for what it is not for what attention it may or may not get. However like all of us we enjoy getting compliments on things we do and I say thank you to those who have in the past said how they enjoyed reading what I have written.
I re-enlisted this last week. (Actually it is not technically due for extension until April, but I signed the paperwork and took my oath one more time.) It is something how time flies. This I know and if anyone looked back at my entries would see this is a reoccurring theme in much of my writing. Time moves on! I first joined the Colorado Air National Guard in 1987. When I write this it does not register in my mind that this year was a “long” time ago. It seems perfectly reasonable when I write or say “1987”. It seems in many ways like just a little while ago. Then again when I see how far I have come and the events that have been between that year and now and it truly is a while ago!
 I re-enlisted for 6 more years. At the end of this extension this would make my time equal 29 years. I will be 50 years old and my two oldest children will be 23 and 21 years old. How can this be possible? Truly it hurts my brain to realize my babies will more than likely be on their own and potentially having there own families by then. By the way I am very proud of each of them and expect great things from them as they grow older.
 The thoughts are many: This potentially could be the last time I extend my enlistment. This could also indicate a drastic change in my life when that occurs. I may have to go out and get a normal job! :) Whatever that is!
I am honored that I have been able to do this job for so long and still be contributing at a level that I think matters. It is sometimes very difficult to deal with many of the pressures, but I also realize that many have it so much worse than I will ever have it. I enjoy the security in the income and benefits that it has provided myself and my family. I am truly thankful and feel like I am blessed.
So much has changed were I work, over the years and some of it is good. However, some of the changes, I wonder. We have left behind, in my opinion some of the very positive things that we had years back. That subject is much to long and way to uninteresting for me to go into here. :)
 I remember when we got the f-16’s. They were near new and it was so exciting, we had a different aircraft that simply did incredible things. We were now part of the f-16 community in the military and we were determined to be the best maintainers in that community. They are now, in the fighter aircraft world, old and have been used and used. We keep repairing, modifying, upgrading and using them today. Times have changed and it happened mostly when we were not looking. Then again that is how it normally goes, I suppose. While we were enjoying life, we aged, we left behind those young kids we used to be and traded them in for families and children of our own and it all happened so quickly. It is easy to feel old sometimes, when the people you are now working with many were born after you had been in several years already.  Such is the circle of life, I suppose! :) I am very proud to have served with The 140th Wing of the Air National Guard. Best Air National Guard Unit in the World! I look forward to whatever the future holds for me in my career.

People who see me in uniform or discover that I am in the military have thanked me many times over the years. I say to all of them and to you today, Thank You! I have a great life! I enjoy that my job is anything but “Normal” and it is many times an adventure that I thoroughly enjoy!

The good Lord has blessed me and I am thankful! Blessings of health, family, and career!

I wish for all who read this the same!

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Holly Magnuson said...

So glad you gave us an update! I guess I missed the part about you being in the Air National Guard. I too thank you for serving!
Yesterday after church we got to see these fly over several times.
They were magnificent! I just wish I would have had my good camera with me instead of just the cell phone.
Have a blessed day!