Monday, October 18, 2010

What goes around...

Please allow me to take you back some years in the past to the early 1980's. I was about 15 or 16 years old and sitting with some friends at the back of church. This was never a good idea and probably especially so with the friends I was with at this particular instance. One of my friends had brought this small ball he had picked up from the church nursery. We started playing a small game of catch back and forth in the pew. Well of course you can possibly see where this is headed. Our church has an incline that the pews sit on. this design is a good one as the elevation goes up to allow for the more convenient viewing of the platform and minister up front. It is also conducive to balls on the floor rolling to the front of the church. This happened in this case and it was one of those moments where you get the giggles and just seems like your going to bust you are trying so hard to not laugh out loud. Physics being what it is of course the ball progressed all the way to the front of the church and rolled right next to our youth pastor at the time, who was speaking that Sunday. He never missed a beat and kept speaking like nothing had happened. Like I said we were about to bust from trying to hold back the laughter, and trying to look inconspicuous.
Fast forward some almost 30 years to this last Sunday October 17, 2010 I have helped at our church now for many years with the morning service.I do the announcements, read openng scripture and miscelaneous other things as required. While I am doing this I see a medium sized yellow nurf ball roll from under the front pew in front of where I was standing. It instantly took me back and I thought of Randy Houchens (the youth pastor back in the early 1980's) whom I talked about earlier and how he did not miss a beat. I look to the possible source of the ball and I see at the back of the church sitting with his older sister my youngest boy, William. He was sitting there as if nothing had happened.  I for the most part, did not miss a beat either. It did bring a smile to my face even if he should probably have left the ball in the nursery.  Like the title says: what goes around!   :)